Giving Golf a Go with LGC

Nestled at the foot of the beautiful South Downs, the Mid Sussex Golf Club at Ditchling was the sun-drenched venue for 27 lovely ladies ‘Giving Golf a Go’ on Wednesday, 1 May.  Organised by The Lady Golfer Club (The LGC) this May Day ‘Taster’ event offered these lucky ladies the opportunity to sample the joys of a day on the green, some top class tuition and an elegant lunch at the club.

The LGC is a new, Sussex-based business aiming to encourage more women to take up golf.  Golf is fun, sociable, good exercise and a sport to be enjoyed at any age or skill level.  Women who join The LGC enjoy an impressive package of rewards including discounts on green fees, coaching, clothing, equipment and accessories. The LGC Privilege Card is the key to unlocking this wealth of benefits and to access the preferential rates from the organisation’s ‘Preferred Partner’ golf clubs and businesses. Membership also brings substantial discounts on hair and beauty treatments, spa and golf breaks.

Golf has traditionally been male-dominated, and The LGC aims to encourage women to try the sport – which can be seen as quite daunting for beginners. The LGC Taster events invite women to bring a friend, relative or colleague along for beginner coaching with a PGA Professional  – without feeling inhibited or obligated to bring their own gear.  But seasoned and confident golfers will also benefit from LGC membership. A frequent complaint of lady golfers is the difficulty in finding partners with whom to play. This is especially true for those who are not members of a private club.  LGC Taster events bring like-minded women together to form new friendships and cultivate potential golfing partners.

Membership in a private golf or country club can be prohibitive, especially for women who lead busy lives – working, running a business or raising a family.  The investment of joining a conventional private club may seem ‘not worth it’ when time to participate is limited by other life demands.  The comparatively modest cost of joining the LGC brings a host of benefits similar to those offered by other clubs, and many more!  Partnered with golf clubs and PGA Professionals in nine counties in the south of England, The LGC has a rapidly growing International profile – and has partnerships with clubs in Barbados and Ireland.

Wednesday’s May Day Taster was a typical LGC event, with 27 business ladies from the networking group: Ladies Lunch Clubs. Some opted for a round of nine holes, while others had a group lesson with one of the seven PGA Professionals at Mid Sussex Golf Club.  Players were divided into sub-groups according to ability – but the majority had ‘never picked up a club before’. The entire group re-convened for a delightful and leisurely lunch! The verdict? Many of the ladies enjoyed their day so much, they joined on the spot – and then purchased their first golf fashion and accessories at a discount or booked themselves in for another ‘Taster’ or more lessons.

Golf is for everyone and the LGC wants to see more women, from all walks of life, enjoy the fun!

CONTACT:  Carrie Colliss – 07968 12 12 02 for further information and pictures.

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